Our goal is to bring, you, the customer, a highly motivated job shop with strong background in CNC Machining in Milling, Wire EDM and Ram EDM. We are dedicated to the sole pursuit of producing quality parts for the tooling and mold making industries.

The following highlights our company:

  • 38 years of combined CNC Machining experience
  • 4 axis taper cutting
  • Advanced CAD/CAM capabilities
  • Modern Facilities

We are anxious to build a solid working relationship and will strive to provide the best work for a reasonable cost.

Facilities List

(1) Charmilles 290 AWF CNC Wire EDM
(10" x 15" x 8" x,y,z travel)
(1) Charmilles 310 AWF CNC Wire EDM
(10" x 15" x 15" x,y,z travel)
(1) Charmilles 230F AWF CNC Wire EDM
(9" x 14" x 8" x,y,z travel)
(2) Hardinge Vertical Machining Center 20"x40"x20" travel
(1) Fanuc Vertical Machining Center 20"x16"x12" travel
(2) Eltee 20 Ram EDM
(1) Hansvedt M-Pulse CNC Ram EDM
(2) Series 1 Sharp Manual Mill
(4) 6/12 Harig Surface Grinder
(1) 12/24 Thomson Grinder
(1) EDM Drillmate (Hole Popper)
(1) 6/14 Okamoto Surface Grinder
(1) 14" X 40" Engine Lathe
(1) Okuma CNC Lathe

**** Cutting all conductive tool steels, aluminum, brass, copper, graphite, carbide, copper tungsten, and exotic aerospace materials

CAD/CAM Work Station

4 axis programming, cutting from your CAD data files or ours.

Inspection Equipment

(1) Covel Optical Comparator 14"
(4) Mitutoyo 12" Master Height Gage
(2) Mitutoyo Toolmakers Scope
(8) 81 Pcs. Ceramic Gage Blocks
(1) O.G.P. Comparator 14" with Quad Check

If you would like more information on Minco Tool, feel free to call or email us and a service representative will contact you shortly.

370 Linden Ave, Meadville, PA 16335
814-724-1376 | Fax: 814-724-1371